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The Complete Hitting Solution

Key components: Blast Bat Sensor, HitTrax, Blast Connect. Personal Hitting Coordinator. 

Complete view of the swing.  Prior to contact the sensor provides data on the bat and the movement of the player.  We see the following: Bat Speed, Attack Angle Time to Contact, Peak Hand Speed, On Plane %, Power, Peak Bat Speed, Body Rotation, Vertical Bat Angle all compiled into a stat called Blast Factor. A player should use the sensor every time he swings a bat. All the swings are synced to the players Blast Connect account.  This online portal allows us to see how a player is progressing.  We will also give players drills to do at home and at their team practices.  Inside or Outdoors doesn’t matter. Coaches will also do video reviews of players thru the portal. HitTrax™ provides the results of the bat/ball contact. Thru HitTrax™ we capture Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance and Outcome.

We are providing a program that is very similar to MLB. The BlastTrax™ program is designed to provide a player with a personal hitting coordinator.  The coach/player will work together to maximize the player’s swing to try to achieve the desired results. Players receive weekly workouts and video review by their Coordinator.  

Players can choose from Spring Training program or Full Season.

The Spring Training program runs January-March and preps the player for the upcoming season.  

The Full Season program runs January-June. Train, Practice, Play.  This program includes the Spring Training program but adds outdoor Practice and Game Analysis.  The coach/player will work together to ensure a consistent swing from Training to Practice to Play.  

The Blast Sensor and Blast Connect allow your coach to see how you are doing when he’s not there in person. Hands down the most comprehensive, affordable training program ever developed for amateur players.

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